Jonny Burch

I'm Jonny. I'm a product designer, currently working on something new.

I enjoy the challenge of building products (and teams) that scale and searching for experiences that solve difficult problems.

A bit more about me

Most recently I spent nearly two and a half years building the consumer and growth product design teams at Deliveroo in sunny London.

Before Deliveroo I was first employee and led design for over three years at a bank for children. Previous to that I ran a design agency out of the angry magazine for graduate creatives that I founded years before while working for design agencies in London and Stockholm. I even designed expensive books for a while.

I've organised 30 day festivals in shipping containers, attempted to put out a live TV show in 4 hours and filmed people throwing meat at each other in slow motion. Confused yet?

Writing, speaking, oh my!

I like to talk, and meet people I admire. Check out my interviews with , , , , , , about everything from yoga to poetry.

I also write on Medium and talk at meetups, conferences and wotnot.

Help me, help you

I really believe in the power of a good mentor, and am always looking for people to learn from or help out. So don't be shy, hit me up by email and let's do ☕ (or even 🍳)️.